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Cardiovascular Psychiatry
Collaborative & Integrated Care
Community-Based CLP Physician Practice Issues
Critical Care Psychiatry
Emergency Psychiatry
Hispano-American Psychiatry
Integrative Medicine (Complementary & Alternative Medicine)
Medicine & Psychiatry
Military & Veterans
Pediatric C-L Psychiatry
Proactive C-L Psychiatry
Psychological Considerations
Quality & Safety 
Transplant Psychiatry
Women’s Health


Cardiovascular Psychiatry
Chairs: Margo Funk, MD, FACLP; Rima Styra, MD

The SIG was involved in several ACLP activities during 2022. Our listserv has been an active forum for communication around puzzling clinical cases, new research in the area of cardiac disease, and upcoming events. It provides an opportunity for SIG members to gain valuable advice from their colleagues as well as learn about possible collaborations. 

The SIG presented on PTSD and anxiety disorders during the Annual Meeting focusing on coronary artery disease, atrial fibrillation, LVADs, cardiac transplantation, and aortic disease. SIG members were also involved in other presentations that were informative and well-received.

We will be working to develop content for CLP 2023 following a successful SIG meeting at the Atlanta Annual Meeting. There have been many suggestions to address issues such as early interventions for depression in heart failure, online CBT for depression, SSRIs and bleeding in LVAD patients, support programs for aortic dissection, app-delivered caregiver programs, ECT for cardiovascular populations (e.g., LVAD), and cardiovascular effects of TMS.

Please reach out to us if you are interested in joining the SIG.

Visit the Cardiovascular SIG page on the Academy website here.

Collaborative & Integrated Care
Chair: Patrick Aquino, MD, FACLP

The SIG welcomed members back at the Annual Meeting. There was enthusiasm for members sharing opportunities and challenges in growing programs in local institutions—both for new programs and existing programs. Members shared varied experiences with available collaborative care codes. Members also shared programs integrated into specialty clinics outside of primary care. Our SIG meeting in February reviewed opportunities for collaboration on potential workshops for the 2023 Annual Meeting.

Visit the Collaborative & Integrated Care SIG page on the Academy website here.

Community-Based CLP Physician Practice Issues
Chair: Hindi Mermelstein, MD, FACLP

This past year continued to be a challenging but at the same time exciting (and hopeful) one.

November 2022 brought back the ‘on-site’ Annual Meeting. Although the educational content could be and was delivered in hybrid form, all other activities including committee and SIG meetings were on site. The excitement of once again being in a ‘live” format brought with it an energy that was almost palpable to our SIG meeting. There were new and old faces and the meeting allowed for a new look at the SIG—a confirmation of the value of group for the many ACLP members (and potential members) who are in the community or in community sites. 

Almost to a person, each attendee spoke to the need for networking, support, a place to share ideas, and observations that may be both setting-specific as well as generalizable to other places and clinical situations. To accomplish these networking, support, and educational, and even possibly research, goals the following was decided:

  • Change from a yearly meeting to a bimonthly meeting as well as intermeeting exchanges (already in place).
  • Prepare topics/abstracts to submit for presentation at the 2023 Annual Meeting based on areas of interest raised during the annual SIG meeting and follow-up chats (in process).
  • Continue to develop and adapt the SIG to the needs of our members, the ACLP membership, and to potential members who continue to struggle with isolation, staff changes, and patient needs—and expectations that predated and continue to be affected by the COVID-19 experience.
  • Find ways to modify our SIG structure to better respond to the hereto unmet/inadequately met needs of members, which include the expansion of our SIG leadership structure over time.
  • Continued collaboration with other SIGs and potentially with other organizations to build bridges with colleagues within and outside the ACLP (already in play).

Thank you to all who joined us in Atlanta and who are active in the email exchanges. We have a lot that needs to be done and can be accomplished together. We need your ideas, your energy, and your interests. Please feel free to contact the SIG or me directly. We look forward to your participation and input. Come join us!

Critical Care Psychiatry
Chair: José Maldonado, MD, FACLP

The SIG was approved by the ACLP Board in April 2022. We had our first in-person SIG meeting in Atlanta at the 2022 Annual Meeting with more than 70 members participating. Also, in Atlanta we offered the first SIG preconference course with 110 paid attendees.

The SIG has four standing committees:

    • Scholarly Track—Led by Jordan Rosen, MD, this track is working on reviewing existing literature, providing critique and commentary, and producing scholarly content, including the publication of peer-reviewed manuscripts. Its members are also developing a central repository of Critical Care Psychiatry resources germane to the work in critical care settings.
    • Education/Training Track—Led by Melissa Bui, MD, this track is designed to teach trainees, junior attendings, and those wanting to develop an expertise in the field (bootcamp style). Within its mission, this committee will design and deliver advanced courses at the Annual Meeting, including continuation of the Critical Care Reviews annual series.
    • Guidelines Track—Liza Sher, MD, FACLP, leads this track, working on developing protocols and guidelines to be submitted to the ACLP’s Guidelines & Evidence-Based Medicine Subcommittee to standardize our field’s evidence-based approach to care.
    • Research Track—José Maldonado, MD, FACLP, leads this track, intending to seek out mentorship opportunities to support the development of Quality Improvement and Research methodologies, identify research projects, and increase collaboration among SIG members interested in clinical research.

Currently, three further projects are under consideration.

Other future plans

The SIG has arranged the publication of a Critical Care Psychiatry Textbook to be published by the American Psychiatric Association. Professor José Maldonado, MD, FACLP, will serve as its chief editor, with contributions from SIG members and experts in the field.

For the 2023 Annual Meeting, the SIG is planning to put together a symposium, Delirium Through the Stages of Life, in keeping with the theme of the meeting, in addition to a preconference course.

The SIG meets on the first Tuesday of every month; it also offers mentorship and expert consultation on issues related to C-L Psychiatry practice in the Critical Care setting. To join the meeting please follow this link:

Visit the Critical Care Psychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here, or contact us through the listserv email:

Emergency Psychiatry
Chairs: Allison Hadley, MD; Julie Owen, MD, MBA, FAPA

The SIG was active at the Annual Meeting in November and is looking forward to the year to come. We are welcoming three new early career representatives: Heather Wobbe, DO, MBA; Clayton Barnes, MD, MPH; and Shuchi Khosla, MD. 

The listserv remains active and provides a forum for coordinating and preparing applications for sessions at November’s Annual Meeting. We are also providing opportunities to participate in multisite research and program development. 

Visit the Emergency Psychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.


Hispano-American Psychiatry
Chairs: José Galindo-Donaire, MD; Laura Suarez-Pardo, MD

For 2023, we continue to share experiences and advance integration of ACLP members throughout the US, Latin America, and Spain. Our community is getting bigger every day. Our first in-person meeting at Atlanta was essential to continue planning collaboration, while our listserv and WhatsApp group have permitted the best virtual communication channels thereafter.

Structured academic meetings are planned to take place tri-monthly throughout the year, with participation of colleagues from Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Spain. International collaboration continues to be one of our main objectives. Networking and inclusion across countries are core characteristics of our SIG. So, each member is stimulated to organize and/or communicate about local country meetings or regional conferences where the SIG can participate as an organized group, originating from the Academy.

Showcasing our work as an organized group aims to further inspire the open participation of psychiatrists from the US, Latin America, and Spain into the ACLP. Also, we will seek inter-SIG partnership to challenge and discuss clinically relevant topics within the Academy.

Multicenter research will be encouraged in 2023, as well as partnership in publishing textbooks for the broad public interested in C-L Psychiatry in the region. At least three textbooks have been published from members of the SIG and include the second edition of Psiquiatría de Enlace y Medicina Psicosomática from a working group in Chile; the first edition of Psiquiatría de Enlace y Medicina Psicosomática from a working group in Colombia; and Salud Mental y COVID-19 from Mexico. These efforts will serve as a starting point in 2023 for a future unified project.

At Austin’s Annual Meeting we look forward to continuing to participate with a SIG-sponsored symposium, presentations, and the inclusion of more psychiatrists into the community.

Visit the Hispano-American Psychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.


Integrative Medicine (Complementary & Alternative Medicine)
Chairs: Janna Gordon-Elliott, MD, FACLP; Ana Ivkovic, MD; Uma Naidoo, MD

It was wonderful to meet with familiar faces and new ones in Atlanta. We held a SIG meeting and brainstormed ideas for ACLP 2023. Several of us gathered for a SIG-sponsored educational experience and workshop on hypnosis, led by Phil Muskin, MD, FACLP, and Alba Lara, MD.

On the final day of the meeting, our SIG held a sponsored live workshop on nature therapy, entitled Biophilia, Green Spaces, and Mental Health: How C-L Psychiatrists should include Nature in their Treatment Arsenal. This workshop was chaired by Tina Duhaime, MD, a pediatric neurosurgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital and author of the recently released book Minding the Climate: How Neuroscience Can Help Solve Our Environmental Crisis.

We plan to meet over Zoom to further discuss 2023 submission ideas and potential monthly conference calls regarding integrative medicine scenarios (clinical situations or patient-specific case studies) that may lend themselves to academic collaborations.

Visit the Integrative Medicine SIG page on the Academy website here.

Medicine & Psychiatry
Chair: Thomas Heinrich, MD, FACLP

The SIG continues to bring together members of the ACLP who have either completed combined training in family medicine-psychiatry, internal medicine-psychiatry, pediatrics-psychiatry, neurology-psychiatry, or who are practicing in the field of integrated medical-psychiatric care.

In Atlanta, we welcomed members of the Medicine-Psychiatry Unit Consortium. Topics relevant to the role of C-L psychiatrists in developing and maintaining these unique units were discussed, along with the potential for future educational and research opportunities. 

We also discussed various other deliverables that the SIG may provide to the ACLP membership. Towards that end, we seek members to collaborate on developing quality abstracts for workshops and papers for ACLP’s 2023 Annual Meeting. In addition, we hope to also offer an Updates in Internal Medicine preconference Skills course abstract for consideration.

SIG members may also submit an abstract to potentially present an innovative medical and psychiatric care model at the 2023 Association of Medicine and Psychiatry’s Annual Meeting in October.

In addition, we have made progress providing content to help populate our webpage accessed through the ACLP’s website. 

Lastly, we would like to announce that Dustin DeMoss, DO, FACLP, has agreed to assume the role of vice-chair of the SIG. Dr. DeMoss is an associate professor at the University of North Texas Health Science Center and Texas Christian University and serves as the Psychiatry residency training director and the vice-chair of Education for the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Tom Heinrich at with ideas to improve the SIG or enhance collaboration within the SIG structure.

Visit the Medicine and Psychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.


Military & Veterans
Chairs: Eric Devon, MD, FACLP; Shannon Ford, MD

The SIG was pleased to meet at the Annual Meeting in Atlanta. Some sub-topics of interest that we continue to brainstorm include:

  • How to improve information-sharing regarding different VA/DoD practices (forthcoming survey!)
  • Treating patients on the C-L Psychiatry service who have a diagnosis of dementia with behavioral disturbance, or those who have experienced trauma.
  • Incorporating the Military Cultural Formulation into practice.

As always, we are happy to accept new members, so please be in touch if interested!

Visit the Military & Veterans SIG page on the Academy website here.


Chairs: Durga Roy, MD, FACLP; Inder Kalra, MD

The SIG had a productive year and each task group has met goals established at the 2022 Annual Meeting in Atlanta. The SIG has successfully met every two months via Zoom, and continues to work on the development and expansion of three task forces, reflective of the SIG’s mission. A new task force dedicated to working on guidelines development has also been established. We have growing participation and many new members, including trainees and students.

Our task groups are busily working away on designated projects and being diligent about maintaining deadlines for scholarly products:

  • SIG-sponsored symposia task force: Currently under the leadership of Kamalika Roy, MD, and Badr Ratnakaran, MD, the task force has expanded its participants and continues to meet to prepare abstracts for informative workshops, symposia, and Skills courses for the 2023 Annual Meeting.
  • Education task force: Jeffrey Zabinski, MD, and Timothy Kiong, MD, have taken the lead on this task force, and group members continue to compile a list of online resources in neuropsychiatry. In collaboration with the Online Education Subcommittee, by this year’s Annual Meeting the SIG will have a newly-launched website of video lectures, literature references, and neuropsychiatry-focused websites among other educational resources for Academy member to access.

The SIG has been invited to present an ACLP Education Committee-sponsored case conference on functional neurological disorders. Robust monthly member case discussions via the listserv also continue amongst our very active members.

  • Scholarship task force: Under the leadership of Durga Roy, MD, FACLP, this task force has successfully led manuscript production. Currently, several scholarship projects are underway which include:
    • A systematic review on neuropsychiatric symptoms in COVID-19.
    • A systematic review on Huntington’s Disease and OCD.
    • A cross-institution retrospective chart review research study on treatment of neuropsychiatric symptoms after TBI.
    • Additionally, the Journal of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry (JACLP) has launched its inaugural Neuropsychiatry Section and has invited members to submit articles.
    • DEI Task force: Led by Victoria Wong Murray (trainee) and Nicole Pavlatos Delavoye, MD, this newly formed task force that will be working on incorporating DEI initiatives.

Monthly member case reports: Case discussions continue through the listserv when, on average once per quarter, members present a challenging, de-identified case on a neuropsychiatric syndrome for discussion.

Social media: The SIG has developed a Twitter hashtag (Neuropsychiatry #CLPNEUROPSYCH) so that resources on C-L Neuropsychiatry can be widely accessed.

New initiatives: The SIG is collaborating with Edward Kane, MD, (Maudsley Hospital, London) to encourage participation and collaboration of clinicians and trainees in an International Neuropsychiatry Journal Club.

Visit the Neuropsychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.


Pediatric C-L Psychiatry
Chairs: Laura Markley, MD, FACLP; Julienne Jacobson, MD

The SIG is very excited to have our co-founder, Maryland Pao, MD, FACLP, representing Pediatric C-L Psychiatry as the current president of ACLP! Our ACLP Annual Meeting will explore clinical issues across the lifespan, and our SIG members look forward to collaborating on submissions with our ACLP colleagues!

Our SIG continues to be active with a high degree of interest. We had a virtual meeting in February to discuss topics for CLP 2023 submissions, to coordinate experts to participate in a variety of submissions, and to discuss trends in the field of pediatric C-L Psychiatry.

Several SIG-sponsored presentations were accepted for presentation at CLP 2022 in Atlanta. Laura Markley, MD, FACLP, our SIG co-chair, also presented the pediatric section of the C-L Psychiatry Essentials preconference course. The SIG group meeting was very well attended and a robust discussion occurred around activities the SIG may sponsor and work together on for the coming year. We continue to have more interested participants at each meeting and receive frequent requests to be added to the group.

The SIG continues to share a listserv with the Physically Ill Child Committee of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP). The linkage with this highly active forum allows shared communication and collaboration between the groups. Members of either (or both) AACAP and ACLP committees use the listserv to review clinical and administrative topics and put forward questions for collective advice and support. We continue to discuss options to expand the use of our ACLP internal listserv as a networking and collaborating resource for members.

Visit the Pediatric C-L Psychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.


Proactive C-L Psychiatry
Chairs: Mark Oldham, MD; Pat Triplett, MD

We were delighted to see everyone who joined us for the Proactive C-L Psychiatry preconference Skills course and SIG meeting at the Annual Meeting. We had a wonderful turnout!


  • This year, Pat Triplett, MD, will be serving as SIG co-chair alongside co-chair Mark Oldham, MD.
  • The worksheet from the CLP 2022 preconference Deconstructing Proactive C-L Psychiatry: Exploring the elements of change has been uploaded to our SIG Resources webpage for those who would like to think through their own clinical setting and identify potential opportunities to implement specific elements of Proactive C-L Psychiatry.

Upcoming events

  • 2023 EAPM Conference (June 15–17 in Wroclaw, Poland): The long-awaited results of the HOME Study will be presented in a keynote address, and several of our SIG members are also submitting abstracts. Proactive C-L Psychiatry should be represented well at the meeting.
  • SIG members are also helping to plan a first-of-its-kind educational event for advanced practice providers including nurse practitioners and physician assistants in C-L Psychiatry to be held as a part of the 2023 ACLP Annual Meeting. Stay tuned for more information.

Ongoing opportunities

  • We are committed to demonstrating the value of Proactive C-L Psychiatry to patients, our colleagues, health care systems, and to our own field. Over the coming year, we look forward to exploring Proactive C-L Psychiatry in a broader range of care settings (e.g., critical care), forthcoming evidence from our members on proactive services, and supporting our non-physician colleagues to promote the value of multidisciplinary teamwork.
  • For regularly updated resources on Proactive C-L Psychiatry, check out our SIG website. If you’re looking for something that’s not there, please let us know!
  • As always, we invite you to join our SIG for access to the listserv and to receive updates on news and opportunities for collaboration.

Visit the Proactive C-L Psychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.

Psychological Considerations
Chairs: Craig Lichtman, MD, MBA, FIPA, FAAPDPP, FACLP; Janeta Tansey, MD, PhD, FAPA

The SIG has been evolving since 2006, bringing together like-minded C-L psychiatrists to promote psychological aspects of patient care. All psychological perspectives and psychotherapeutic approaches are welcome, including but not limited to cognitive, psychodynamic, motivational interviewing, humanistic, interpersonal, existential, positive-psychology, mindfulness, and somatic.

Janeta Tansey, MD, PhD, FAPA, has joined us as a co-chair. Specializing in physician care and ethics/professionalism, she has a PhD in Religious Studies, scholarship in the dialogic ethics of Buber and Levinas, and interests in existential therapies, depth psychology, and mind-body medicine.

If you would like to join discussions on the future of our SIG, or collaborate on future presentations, please join. You may also contact Craig Lichtman directly with questions.

Visit the Psychological Considerations SIG page on the Academy website here.


Quality & Safety
Chair: David Kroll, MD, FACLP

The SIG continues to work on our white paper regarding our recommendations on how ACLP and its members can strengthen their position in the quality landscape. We hope to have a manuscript completed by the end of this year. We are also providing a series of short articles to ACLP News on quality-related topics of interest to C-L psychiatrists, so please keep an eye out for these.

See: MIPS is Going Away to be Replaced—with Something…Else


Chair: Kathleen Sheehan, MD

The SIG aims are to support the development of new researchers, facilitate the work of those already engaged in the field, and promote C-L Psychiatry research findings to bridge the gap between research and practice.

We had a great in-person meeting at the Annual Meeting in Atlanta in November 2022. It was wonderful to see many members and to hear about the exciting research work that our members are engaged in. We have had positive feedback on our SIG workshop, which was included in the meeting’s virtual offerings.

The SIG has several exciting initiatives planned for 2023, including webinars which will help support research capacity across the career lifespan. We hope to organize a virtual session for trainees considering research as part of their career and a works-in-progress session for those looking to get feedback on a research project, grant application, or paper.

We are working to build our ACLP webpage to include information on how to get started in research together with sources of potential funding. We are looking to grow our SIG leadership team, so please let us know if you are interested in joining this and/or participating in a research-focused workshop at the 2023 Annual Meeting.

Visit the Research SIG page on the Academy website here.


Chair: Terry Rabinowitz, MD, FACLP

We are working on several workshop and/or preconference course proposals for CLP 2023:

  • How to Start and Sustain a Tele-C-L Psychiatry Service will be an introduction to C-L Telepsychiatry aimed at new(er) users and focused on the nuts and bolts of getting a service started; whom to reach out to for support; what patient cohorts are best to reach out to first, licensure and insurance issues, and other topics that would benefit telepsychiatry newbies.
  • Collaboration with the Community-Based CLP Physician Practice Issues SIG to develop a course with the working title: Telepsychiatry is Available but is it Accessible? aimed at all users or potential users of telepsychiatry. It will address the as-yet unmet need for greater (i.e., universal) access to telemedicine technology, including the need for better access for underserved and vulnerable populations, more widespread internet accessibility, etc.
  • Telepsychiatry for C-L Psychiatrists: Updates on Technology, Accessibility, ‘Telepresence,’ Applications, and Research—a preconference course led by thought leaders in telemedicine/telepsychiatry and appropriate for anyone interested in the technology and how it may be integrated into current C-L Psychiatry practice.

Notable publications by SIG members:

Visit the Telepsychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.

Transplant Psychiatry
Chairs: Paula Zimbrean, MD, FACLP; Yelizaveta Sher, MD, FACLP

The SIG is celebrating the publication of the Transplant Psychiatry casebookTransplant Psychiatry: A Case-Based Approach to Clinical Challenges. Its editors are the current SIG chair Paula Zimbrean, MD, FACLP; vice-chair Yelizaveta Sher, MD, FACLP; and immediate past SIG chairs: Andrea DiMartini, MD, FACLP, and Cathy Crone, MD, FACLP. The book is prefaced by one of the SIG’s founders, Jon Levenson, MD, FACLP.

The idea for this book was born out of the amazing case discussions our SIG has hosted and continues to have, during our monthly meetings and on our listserv. Content is linked directly to our main SIG activity—discussion and debate of interesting and challenging cases that psychiatrists working with transplant patients encounter.

Currently, our SIG members have resumed monthly meetings. Our working groups have been updated for 2023 (see below) and all are busy working on course and workshop proposals for ACLP meetings and on educational materials for our website. We are also planning submissions for the EAPM and AST conferences. There is particular interest in expanding our workshops to include non-psychiatrists in order to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration.

The SIG’s working groups are:

  • Cognitive impairment in transplant candidates and recipients
    Leader: Yelizaveta Sher, MD, FACLP
  • Transplant Psychiatry education
    Leader: Paula Zimbrean, MD, FACLP
  • Standardization of the psychiatric/psychosocial evaluation of transplant candidates
    Leader: Akhil Shenoy, MD
  • Rare transplants (intestine, uterus and others)
    Leader: Shruti Mutalik, MD
  • Addictive disorders in liver transplantation (includes acute alcoholic hepatitis)
    Leader: G. Scott Winder, MD, FACLP
  • Addictive disorders in transplantation (non-liver)
    Leader: Sarah Andrews, MD
  • Posttransplant mental health care
    Leader: David Fipps, DO
  • Disparities in transplantation
    Leader: Yelizaveta Sher, MD, FACLP
  • Living donor related issues
    Leader: Shruti Mutalik, MD
  • Resilience in transplantation
    Leader: Ana Ivkovic, MD

Visit the Transplant Psychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.

Women’s Health
Chairs: Priya Gopalan, MD, FACLP; Deepika Sundararaj, MD

The SIG remained active throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and members were thrilled to meet again in person after three years! The membership of the group is diverse and spans the globe, and this year’s meeting was no exception.

At the 2022 Annual Meeting, symposia on women’s health topics including peripartum trauma, psychiatrists’ role in weight management, and updates on the PRISM project provided opportunities for ACLP membership to hear about critically important topics in women’s health. Additionally, numerous posters and oral papers related to women’s health were presented.

The SIG session during the meeting served as a lively and active forum to network, collaborate, and celebrate the work of its members. With a large showing, SIG members brainstormed topics for future collaborations.

SIG leadership will also be going through some transitions, with Nancy Byatt, DO, FACLP, stepping down as co-chair, and Deepika Sundararaj, MD, joining Priya Gopalan, MD, FACLP, as co-chair of the group.

SIG members met virtually last month to discuss submission ideas for CLP 2023 and other academic collaborations. We have also collaborated on academic projects, including two papers related to trauma-informed care published in The Journal of the Academy of Consultation Liaison Psychiatry (JACLP)  and Maternal Child Health. We will also be collaborating with the ACLP Guidelines and Evidence-Based Medicine Subcommittee to develop clinical guidelines in women’s health.

Leveraging synergies with Marcé Society of North America, many SIG members have been participating in a women’s mental health curriculum that was successfully implemented jointly by women’s health and C-L Psychiatry fellowships across the country, highlighting a key inter-organizational collaboration. These inter-institutional partnerships have led to a network of faculty and trainees who are eager to collaborate on projects moving forward.

The SIG has an established listserv through ACLP for communication throughout the year. The SIG values discussions around academic collaborations, case discussions, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will continue to provide opportunities to network and collaborate on projects. Please be in touch if you wish to be included in our listserv.

Visit the Women’s Health SIG page on the Academy website here.


SIG Member Numbers

Want to join an Academy SIG? Visit:  You can belong to as many SIGs as you wish, and you do not necessarily need knowledge nor experience of the specialty—if you simply want to learn more, here is your opportunity. Almost every SIG has increased its membership significantly since the last time ACLP News published numbers six months ago.


SIG Total Members Non Members
Addiction & Toxicology 492 355 137
Bioethics 711 511 200
Burn & Trauma Injury 171 138 33
Cardiovascular Psychiatry 471 315 156
Collaborative & Integrated Care 477 371 106
Community-Based CLP Physician Practice Issues 460 297 163
Critical Care Psychiatry 139 139 0
Early Career Psychiatrists 1047 696 351
Emergency Psychiatry 913 610 303
Geriatric Psychiatry 343 255 88
Global & Cultural 480 315 165
Hispano-American C-L Psychiatry 155 120 35
HIV-AIDS Psychiatry 667 341 326
Integrative Medicine (Complementary & Alt. Medicine) 140 120 20
Medicine & Psychiatry 1338 907 431
Military & Veterans 225 159 66
Neuropsychiatry 1112 734 378
Palliative Medicine & Psycho-oncology 778 546 232
Pediatric C-L Psychiatry 406 235 171
Proactive C-L Psychiatry 351 280 71
Psychological Considerations 146 126 20
Quality & Safety 274 203 71
Research 543 393 150
Telepsychiatry 741 459 282
Transplant Psychiatry 347 275 72
Women’s Health 834 544 290


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