CLP 2018 Recordings Now Online

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CLP 2018 Recordings Now Online

Key recordings from our latest ACLP Annual Meeting, CLP 2018 in Orlando, are now available without charge to anyone who registered for the meeting.

If you did not register for the meeting, you can buy access to the recordings for just $200.

Accessing the Recordings

The recordings are on the Academy’s Live Learning Center (LLC). Visit the LLC here.

Members and meeting attendees should login at the top right of the page using your ACLP credentials (the same login as you use on the ACLP website). If you attended the meeting, all the recordings will be available to you by clicking the “MY CONTENT” tab at the top of the page. Simply click on the recording you wish to view or choose MP3 to download the audio.

If you did not attend the meeting, and need to purchase the recordings, click “STORE” in the top menu, add specific items to your cart, and complete the payment process. You can filter by conference using the drop down menu on this page and you can preview the first five minutes of each presentation.

The Recordings — Plenaries

The recordings include all six of the plenaries delivered by the Academy’s SIGs (special interest groups):

From the Palliative Medicine & Psycho-Oncology SIG:

Steve Cole
Steve Cole, PhD

“Neural Regulation of the Cancer Genome”

Steve Cole, PhD, professor of Medicine and Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, UCLA School of Medicine

From the Cardiovascular Psychiatry SIG:

Jeff Huffman
Jeff Huffman, MD, FACLP

“Positive Psychology Interventions in Patients with Medical Illness: The Hype and Hope of Happiness”

Jeff Huffman, MD, FACLP, director, Cardiac Psychiatry Research Program Department of Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital

From the Telepsychiatry SIG:

Elizabeth Krupinski
Elizabeth Krupinski, PhD

“But It’s Not Face-to-Face! How a Better Understanding of How Humans Interact with Technology Can Enhance the Quality of C-L Telepsychiatry Consultations”

Elizabeth Krupinski, PhD, professor, and vice-chair for Research, Department of Radiology & Imaging Sciences, Emory University

From the Neuropsychiatry SIG:

Durga Roy
Durga Roy, MD

“There’s Nothing ‘Mild’ About Traumatic Brain Injury”

Durga Roy, MD, assistant professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and medical director of the Johns Hopkins Neuropsychiatry Clinic

From the Women’s Health SIG:

Katharine Dalke
Katharine Dalke, MD, MBE

“The Rainbow Elephant in the Room: Supporting Transgender Patients”

Katharine Dalke, MD, MBE, assistant professor of Psychiatry, Penn State College of Medicine and Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute

From the Transplant Psychiatry SIG:

Andrea DiMartini
Andrea DiMartini, MD, FACLP

“Using Mobile Technology in Patient Care: Helpful Tools or Unwanted Oversight?”

Andrea DiMartini, MD, FACLP, professor of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh Western Psychiatric Institute


The Recordings — Other Sessions

Also available among the 2018 recordings are the Eleanor & Thomas P. Hackett Memorial Award Lecture; the Debate: Is Marijuana a Legitimate Replacement for Opioids in Pain Management? and the Essentials preconference sessions parts one and two, together with these eight general sessions:

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