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Formal Process in Place for ACLP Clinical Guidelines

‘An opportunity for SIGs to better help their patients and advance their field’

Over the last several years, the Guidelines and Evidence-Based Medicine Subcommittee has been working to develop ACLP’s first clinical guidelines. It now has a formal process for approval by ACLP.

The first set of guidelines, generated by the Transplant Psychiatry SIG, has been approved by the Academy’s Executive Committee.

Now, the subcommittee is asking all SIGs whether they are interested in developing clinical guidelines for endorsement and publication by ACLP. 

Subcommittee members will work with SIG champions to help move guidelines through the development and approval process.

Participant SIGs will need to lead work on surveys, convening workgroups, and writing; the subcommittee will be involved in sharing methodology, problem-solving, and generally helping to move the process along.

Interested SIGs are invited to share contact information and guidelines proposals here.

The subcommittee will use this information to match its members with SIG contacts. The subcommittee aims to support SIGs in developing guidelines by providing feedback on topic selection, sharing best practices for development, editing submissions for board approval, and sharing experience across SIGs that are working on guidelines.


Scott Simpson, MD, MPH, FACLP
Scott Simpson, MD, MPH, FACLP

“Our hope is that publishing clinical guidelines provides an opportunity for SIG members to better help our patients and advance our subspecialty,” says subcommittee chair, Scott Simpson, MD, MPH, FACLP.



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