CLP 2023

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News and Pictures from CLP 2023—our 70th Anniversary

Round-up of what happened at this year’s record-breaking annual meeting

Here is the new ACLP Board of directors:


ACLP Board
The ACLP Board of directors.

And the new Academy Fellows:


Fourteen new FACLP Awards
FACLP Fellowship recipients.

The full stories are within ACLP Rolling News reports and pictures from the 70th anniversary annual meeting. More than 1,400 delegates attended the meeting, in-person or remotely—a record-breaking total for the Academy. In case you missed them, here are the stories that appeared on the ACLP website, almost as they happened:

Award for Graphic Learning Tool
Aid in decisional capacity assessments

President’s Reception
By invitation

Toast to CLP 2023!
A time to meet and greet old and new colleagues

Skills Provide a Broad Choice of Subjects
Seven courses on the agenda this year

Support for Early Stage Researchers
Colloquium aims to enlarge cadre of C-L psychiatrists with the necessary skills

Updates Highlight Emerging Issues
And include the latest on previous areas of interest

Enthusiastic Sign-Up for Inaugural APP Skills Course
Aimed at enhancing skillsets in C-L Psychiatry

Students, Residents and Fellows Meet and Greet
New contacts, new friends

Dancing the Night Away
Celebrating our 70th birthday

Poster Award Winners 2023 Announced
Selected from more than 200 posters scheduled for presentation at the meeting

SIG Members Make Merry
With a happy hour in the lobby bar

Bag Yourself a Sheriff

Integrating Behavioral Health Programs in Primary Care Services
Selected for the Don R. Lipsitt Award

The Value of Investment in Neighborhood Residents
Come the Fourth Revolution

Get-together—and not a Zoom Call in Sight
For many, the meeting is the only chance to chat in person each year

Room with a View
Opportunity for first-hand review of products and services

Where We’re Going
What the future holds for integrated care

Fourteen new FACLP Awards
Academy honors more members with Fellowship accreditation

Mentees Set for First Meeting with Foundation Research Professor
‘I will benefit enormously from the guidance of a leader in perinatal mental health’

Asking Them Anything
Conversations with the experts

Paulo Puts ‘em Through their Paces
It’s trivia time!

New President Receives Academy Gavel
And new Board directors elected

Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Notice
Sheriffs on the case

Top Awards Presented at Plenary
Recipients give their award lectures

Working Lunch
Another opportunity to network

Presentations to Visiting Professors
The final presentations of this year’s annual meeting

The Great Debate
On disorder accounting for 10-15% of medical visits in primary care

Current Academy Board of Directors
A new line-up after yesterday’s member votes at the business meeting


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