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Check Out What the SIGs are Doing

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The latest number of members and non-members in each SIG are below.


SIG Total Members Non Members
Addiction & Toxicology 393 255 138
Bioethics 641 427 214
Burn & Trauma Injury 130 96 34
Cardiovascular Psychiatry 429 261 168
Collaborative & Integrated Care 372 268 104
Community-Based CLP Physician Practice Issues 406 241 165
Critical Care Psychiatry 112 112 0
Early Career Psychiatrists 916 540 376
Emergency Psychiatry 815 489 326
Geriatric Psychiatry 278 189 89
Global & Cultural 432 263 169
Hispano-American C-L Psychiatry 117 85 32
HIV-AIDS Psychiatry 631 293 338
Integrative Medicine (Complementary & Alt. Medicine) 55 43 12
Medicine & Psychiatry 1210 753 457
Military & Veterans 207 132 75
Neuropsychiatry 997 604 393
Palliative Medicine & Psycho-oncology 692 454 238
Pediatric C-L Psychiatry 362 184 178
Proactive C-L Psychiatry 287 210 77
Psychological Considerations 73 56 17
Quality & Safety 227 152 75
Research 485 327 158
Telepsychiatry 662 371 291
Transplant Psychiatry 274 209 65
Women’s Health 717 413 304



Addiction & Toxicology
Burn & Trauma Injury
Cardiovascular Psychiatry
Critical Care Psychiatry
Early Career Psychiatrists
Emergency Psychiatry
Geriatric Psychiatry
Global & Cultural Psychiatry
Hispano-American Psychiatry
HIV/AIDS Psychiatry
Integrative Medicine (Complementary & Alternative Medicine)
Medicine & Psychiatry
Palliative Medicine & Psycho-Oncology
Pediatric C-L Psychiatry
Proactive C-L Psychiatry
Psychological Considerations
Quality & Safety
Transplant Psychiatry
Women’s Health

Addiction & Toxicology
Chairs: Filza Hussain, MD, FACLP; G. Scott Winder, MD

The SIG has been meeting on a quarterly basis virtually. These meetings include discussion pertaining to clinical questions and collaborating on different projects. There are several such ideas in the pipeline and currently co-chair G. Scott Winder, MD, is leading a group effort on psychiatric perspectives and recommendations regarding cannabinoids in solid organ transplant.

Visit the Addiction & Toxicology SIG page on the Academy website here.

Chairs: Kenneth Ashley, MD, ACPsych, FACLP, DFAPA; Shannon Mazur, DO, MA

The SIG has moved to meet quarterly and looks forward to reuniting in person for CLP 2022 in Atlanta. We are proud to put forward several SIG-sponsored symposia for the Annual Meeting including a look at ongoing bioethical aspects of COVID-19 and a joint symposium with the Palliative Medicine and Psycho-Oncology SIG addressing bioethical challenges within end-of-life care.

We will also be working toward incorporating in Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion programs focused on bioethical aspects of medical care.

Several workgroups are forming to oversee areas relevant to the operation, productivity, and outreach of the SIG.

There are a host of trending bioethical C-L Psychiatry topics being discussed within the SIG, including legislation and policy surrounding physician-assisted death, end-of-life care, substance use disorders, treatment of incarcerated patients, COVID-19, systemic racism in medicine, and much more.

Visit the Bioethics SIG page on the Academy website here.

Burn & Trauma Injury
Chairs: Sarah Laughon, MD; Eric Golden, MD

The SIG has continued to try and build its membership—welcoming new members from across the US and internationally. 

We have been more actively engaged on the SIG listserv discussing relevant topics and seeking input from others. Topics discussed have included defining the scope and purpose of this relatively new SIG, sharing resources on guidelines and policy recommendations, as well as comparing our representative institutions’ processes of evaluation and management of burn and trauma injury patients. 

We are looking forward to our first in-person SIG meeting in Atlanta where we plan to discuss future goals and projects for the SIG. We invite all ACLP members, as well as non-ACLP members with an interest in and/or experience of caring for patients with burn and trauma injury to join!

Visit the Burn and Trauma Injury SIG page on the Academy website here.


Cardiovascular Psychiatry
Chairs: Christopher Celano, MD, FACLP; Rima Styra, MD

The SIG—which provides networking, support, and collaboration opportunities for conference presentations and research—has grown in 2022.

We have been working on developing content for the Annual Meeting focusing on anxiety disorders and PTSD in cardiovascular disease. We are excited to provide an evidence-informed update which includes practical advice and interactive discussion of the diagnosis and management of anxiety and PTSD in individuals with different types of CVD, such as individuals with heart failure, atrial fibrillation, implantable cardioverter-defibrillator devices, aortic dissection, and those with ventricular assist devices or who have undergone cardiac transplantation. 

The SIG has launched a listserv which can be used to discuss difficult clinical cases, new research related to cardiovascular psychiatry, and SIG activities. 

Please reach out to us if you are interested in joining the SIG, and we look forward to seeing everyone in November!

Visit the Cardiovascular Psychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.

Critical Care Psychiatry
Chairs: José Maldonado, MD, FACLP; Jordan Rosen, MD

Given the increased complexity of medical disorders seen by C-L psychiatrists and the nuances of the critical care environment, ACLP has approved the creation of a SIG devoted to creating a forum where members can share their experiences, their struggles, and find joint solutions to the challenges of the practice of Psychiatry in the critical care environment. 

Topics to be covered include the diagnosis, prevention, and management of delirium in the ICU, management of Post-Intensive Care Syndrome, recognition and management of ICU-related PTSD, and pharmacological challenges specific to the ICU setting (e.g., drug sequestration in ECMO patients, pharmacokinetics changes in ESLD/ESRD, optimization of sedation in the peri-extubation period, etc.).

The SIG’s primary objective is to provide a forum for mentorship and the free flow of ideas for clinical practice and research in the field of Critical Care Psychiatry among ACLP members. Ideally, this group will produce and submit yearly courses, seminars, and workshops to be showcased at the ACLP annual meeting to enhance the knowledge and provide updates on the management of psychiatric issues that arise in the critical care setting. 

We will hold our first annual meeting at CLP 2022 in Atlanta where we will be offering a preconference course on the basics of Critical Care Psychiatry and a workshop on altered mental status in the CCU. 

The SIG will be posting announcements regarding regular virtual meetings and the development of its listserv to ease participations among its members.

Eary Career Psychiatrists
Chairs: Jai Gandhi, MD; Stephanie Tung, MD

The SIG provides a supportive network for psychiatrists entering the field of C-L Psychiatry. This group welcomes Psychiatry fellows and faculty within their first 10 years of practice. We strive to promote the interests of early career psychiatrists (ECPs), foster professional development, and provide peer support during the transition from trainee to faculty.

The SIG is currently conducting a survey of ECPs within ACLP to better understand their needs and how the Academy can work towards meeting those needs. The SIG has been brainstorming with ACLP leadership and the Early Career Subcommittee on new and exciting ways to create and distribute programming that meets the needs of ECPs. The SIG remains committed to increasing engagement and fostering community among ECPs.

If you are an ECP, we encourage you to contribute your voice to the survey.

Emergency Psychiatry
Chairs: Allison Hadley, MD; Julie Owen, MD, MBA

The SIG is looking forward to meeting in person in Atlanta this year. Members have put together preconference Skills courses in Emergency Psychiatry and Agitation Management through the Lifespan; and there are other sessions planned on topics in Emergency Psychiatry. 

The listserv has been active with planning for the meeting and our SIG website is up and running. We are looking forward to networking at the Annual Meeting, including a meet-up with members of ASEP and the appointment of a new Early Career Representative.

Visit the Emergency Psychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.

Geriatric Psychiatry
Chair: Jo Ellen Wilson, MD

The SIG has resumed quarterly calls, with upcoming meetings scheduled for the 2022-2023 academic year. If enough interest exists, we may extend meeting times to early evening to allow for greater participation.

The SIG is developing subcommittees. The following groups are being considered: Research, Guidelines, Education, and Annual Meeting SIG-Sponsored Activities (symposia, etc.) We need individuals to come forth to help join, lead, and develop these subcommittees. Subcommittees will be tasked with developing leadership structure, objectives, and timeline for deliverables to the main SIG committee.

Key issues being debated at the SIG committee level include further development, organization, and marketing of the SIG to the general C-L Psychiatry audience, with a focus on growth of the SIG, and contribution to future ACLP annual meetings and activities.

The SIG welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with other SIGs, especially those with a focus on issues pertinent to mental health of older adults (e.g., delirium, neurocognitive disorders, management of agitation / violence in the medical setting, ethical and legal considerations, etc.)

If you are not currently receiving notifications of upcoming SIG meetings, and would like to learn more, please join the listserv for more information about upcoming events. We welcome new members to this growing SIG!

Global & Cultural Psychiatry
Chairs: Stephen Nicolson, MD, FACLP; Adel Zaraa, MD, FACLP

SIG members have put together a workshop proposal on psychiatric challenges related to climate change and forced migration. The focus will be on how to educate trainees on working with displaced populations. The proposal has been accepted for CLP 2022, so look for us in Atlanta!

Visit the Global and Cultural Psychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.

Hispano-American Psychiatry
Chairs: Carlos Fernandez-Robles, MD, FACLP; Ricardo Millán González, MD

In 2022, the SIG continued its mission to foster collaboration and integration among ACLP members across the US, Latin America, and Spain. Through our WhatsApp group, we have created a community for clinical and academic discussion, and sharing best practices and innovative solutions to daily challenges.

Our academic meetings schedule continues, and we are looking forward to having a presentation this summer by Carlos Arnaud, MD, on esketamine in the medically ill patient. We have big plans for CLP 2022 in Atlanta as we will host a SIG-sponsored symposium: C-L psychiatrists in Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and Spain will share clever and translatable models to solve challenges in education, hospital systems, clinical care, and research across Latin America. 

Also, we are planning for our first in-person meeting with attendance from members from more than six different countries that will help advance our mission and will be an excellent opportunity for academic networking.

Finally, we are delighted to announce the publishing of two textbooks by members of our SIG. First, the second edition of the Psiquiatría de Enlace y Medicina Psicosomática textbook by Drs. Jorge Calderon, Matias Gonzales, and Maria Arteaga published in Chile; and the first edition of Psiquiatría de Enlace y Medicina Psicosomática by Drs. Hernan Rincon-Hoyos, Juan Velasquez Tirado, and José Franco published in Colombia.

Visit the Hispano-American Psychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.

HIV/AIDS Psychiatry
Chairs: Luis Pereira, MD; Paulo Sales, MD

The SIG is thrilled with the opportunity to have our members meet in person once again during this year’s Annual Meeting! 

Our members had a productive year with multiple scholarly projects that deserve our recognition. For instance, Drs. Cesar Alfonso, Luis Pereira, et al., have been invited to present a state-of-the-art symposium with the World Psychiatric Association in Bangkok, Thailand. Drs. Paulo Sales and Guida da Ponte, et al., will present a symposium on combined psychotherapies for people living with HIV at this year’s annual meeting of the International Federation for Psychotherapy, in Casablanca, Morocco.

We have also been collaborating with ACLP to develop a podcast series on HIV Psychiatry, and a discussion by John Grimaldi, MD, on the new PrEP Guidelines is already available on Apple Podcasts. More episodes are on their way, so stay tuned!

Our Pocket Guide to HIV Psychiatry is being edited, then published by the APA, to provide a concise roadmap for busy clinicians who treat people living with HIV. It is expected to reach the bookshelves in 2023.

We have created three new workgroups that are developing several exciting new projects: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (led by Kenneth Ashley, MD, FACLP); Psychotherapy (led by Guida da Ponte, MD); and Telepsychiatry (led by Gabrielle Marzani, MD). 

Finally, we would like to congratulate our SIG member, Kenneth Ashley, MD, FACLP, who received APA’s John Fryer Award in recognition of his significant contributions to improving the mental health of sexual minorities.

We welcome new members in all career stages: from medical students to senior psychiatrists. Looking forward to seeing you all again during this year’s Annual Meeting!

Visit the HIV/AIDS Psychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.

Integrative Medicine (Complementary & Alternative Medicine)
Chairs: Janna Gordon-Elliott, MD, FACLP; Ana Ivkovic, MD; Uma Naidoo, MD

The SIG will be presenting a SIG-sponsored workshop at CLP 2022 titled Biophilia, Green Spaces, and Mental Health: How C-L Psychiatrists Should Include Nature in Their Treatment Arsenal. Our invited discussant, Tina Duhaime, MD, is a pediatric neurosurgeon with a book coming out in October, Minding the Climate: How Neuroscience Can Help Solve our Environmental Crisis.

In other news, SIG co-chair Uma Naidoo, MD, has been invited to the Scientific Advisory Council of the World Economic Forum Nutrition Initiative, helping to integrate nutrition education with brain health and physical health; in addition, she was the keynote speaker for mental health at the first UK Integrative and Personalized Medicine Congress in June.

We look forward to meeting with SIG members in Atlanta this year to discuss ideas around future collaborations and additional member recruitment.

Visit the Integrative Medicine SIG page on the Academy website here.

Medicine & Psychiatry
Chair: Thomas Heinrich, MD, FACLP

The SIG consists of members who have either completed combined training or are practicing integrated medical-psychiatric care. We are also fortunate to include members of the Medical-Psychiatry Unit Consortium. The SIG aims to bring professionals together to discuss important topics such as building careers that integrate Medicine and Psychiatry, research initiatives, and training.

The SIG has been diligently working to develop content for our ACLP website. It has been a while in development, but I think members will find it informative and helpful once completed and posted on the site.

In addition, following ACLP bylaws, the SIG will be working to identify a co-chair of the SIG. Succession planning is an important step for our future growth.

In addition to meeting at November’s ACLP Annual Meeting, the SIG will also gather at the Association of Medicine and Psychiatry’s Annual CME Conference from September 29-October 1, 2022. This meeting will also be held in Atlanta (apparently a popular place) and includes many topics relevant to the practice of C-L Psychiatry. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Tom Heinrich at with questions about the SIG.


Chairs: Durga Roy, MD, FACLP; Inder Kalra, MD

The SIG had a productive year and each task group has met the goals established at the ACLP 2021 Annual Meeting. The SIG has successfully met every two months via Zoom, and continues to work on the development and expansion of three task forces, reflective of the SIG’s mission. 

As of March 2021, Jennifer Erickson, DO, stepped down as co-chair, and Inder Kalra, MD, has taken on the role of co-chair. We thank Jen for her remarkable leadership by being integral in helping this SIG build its membership and achieve its mission goals from when she took on the co-chair role in 2016. We welcome Inder, who has worked alongside Jen and Durga over the past six years to help grow the SIG and organize projects taken on by our task groups. 

Our task groups are busily working on designated projects and being diligent about maintaining deadlines for scholarly products:

SIG-sponsored symposia task force: Under the leadership of Kamalika Roy, MD, the task force has expanded its participants and continues to prepare abstracts for informative workshops, symposia, and skills courses for the CLP 2022. It also continues to meet independently outside of regularly scheduled SIG meetings. Under the leadership of Kamalika Roy, MD, and Badr Ratnakaran, MD, the task force has submitted two abstracts for presentation at CLP 2022.

Education task force: Jeffrey Zabinski, MD, and Timothy Kiong, MD, have taken the lead on this task force, and group members continue to compile a list of online resources in neuropsychiatry. In collaboration with the Online Education Subcommittee, by CLP 2022 the SIG will have a newly-launched website of video lectures, literature references, and neuropsychiatry-focused websites among other educational resources for Academy members to access. 

The SIG has been invited to give an ACLP Education Committee-sponsored case conference which will be held on September 14. The topic will be Traumatic Brain Injury with David Arciniegas, MD, FACLP, as the expert moderator and discussant. 

Scholarship task force: Under the leadership of Durga Roy, MD, FACLP, Inder Kalra, MD, and Idris Leppla, MD, this task force has successfully led manuscript production. Currently several scholarship projects are underway including:

  • A systematic review on neuropsychiatric symptoms in COVID 19.
  • A systematic review on Huntington’s Disease and OCD.
  • A cross-institution retrospective chart review research study on treatment of neuropsychiatric symptoms after TBI. 

Additionally, the Journal of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry has launched its inaugural neuropsychiatry section and has invited members to submit articles. 

Monthly member case reports: Case discussions continue amongst the listserv members who present a challenging, de-identified case on a neuropsychiatric syndrome for discussion amongst SIG members. This occurs on average once per quarter.  

Social media: The group has moved forward with developing a hashtag (Neuropsychiatry #CLPNEUROPSYCH) so that resources on C-L neuropsychiatry can be widely accessed.

Visit the Neuropsychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.


Palliative Medicine & Psycho-Oncology
Chairs: Sheila Lahijani, MD, FACLP; Wendy Baer, MD, FACLP

The SIG is a dedicated group of professionals focused on the care of people with cancer and advanced illness. Our SIG’s goal is to share and advance knowledge, provide peer support, and increase our engagement in other professional societies.

We have quarterly scheduled virtual meetings with panels focused on discussing difficult cases, learning about new modalities in cancer care and complexities of delivering care in a cancer center, career development, and mentorship.

Our next meeting in August will feature  William Pirl, MD, MPH, and Carlos Fernandez-Robles, MD, FACLP, who will share their insights on clinical care and professional development as both clinicians and administrators.

Wendy Baer, MD, FACLP, and Daniel McFarland, DO, recently attended the American Society of Clinical Oncology Meeting and presented symposia focused on provider wellness and the theme of loneliness in cancer care.

Other members, including Hermioni Amonoo, MD, MPP; Kelly Irwin, MD; and Sheila Lahijani, MD, FACLP, are serving on the Program Committee of the American Psychosocial Oncology Meeting that will take place in March 2023.

We have several accepted symposia, posters, and brief oral presentations for this year’s ACLP meeting. We welcome new members and look forward to seeing everyone in Atlanta this November!

Visit the Palliative Medicine & Psycho-Oncology SIG page on the Academy website here.


Pediatric C-L Psychiatry
Chairs: Laura Markley, MD, FACLP; Julienne Jacobson, MD

Despite the continued challenges of COVID-19 and the need for online interactions, the SIG maintains high levels of interest. We have multiple participants at each meeting and receive frequent requests to be added to the group. 

At our SIG virtual meeting late in 2021, following the ACLP Annual Meeting, the group reviewed and celebrated the innumerable contributions of Susan Turkel, MD, FACLP, co-founder of the SIG as well as co-chair through the end of 2021. 

Dr. Turkel decided to step down at the end of 2021, and Julie Jacobson, MD, was introduced as the new co-chair. The SIG also engaged in a lively discussion of challenges in the current health care environment and solutions being tried. We reviewed sponsored presentations by SIG members at the 2021 annual meeting, including a Fundamentals course and SIG-sponsored preconference course. A wide breadth of topics for possible submission at the ACLP 2022 annual meeting were discussed. 

The group met again in February to discuss CLP 2022 submissions. Several have been accepted. We are also planning an in-person networking event in Atlanta this year during the Annual Meeting.

The SIG continues to share a listserv with the Physically Ill Child Committee of the American Academy of Child-Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) thanks to the efforts and support of Maryland Pao, MD, FACLP. The linkage with this highly active forum allows shared communication between the two groups with similar interests. Members of either (or both) AACAP and ACLP committees use the listserv to review clinical and administrative topics and put forward questions for collective advice and support. We are discussing ways to expand the use of our own internal listserv as a networking and collaborating resource for members.

Visit the Pediatric C-L Psychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.


Proactive C-L Psychiatry
Chair: Mark Oldham, MD

We would like to welcome anyone interested in learning more about Proactive C-L Psychiatry to our preconference Skills session at CLP 2022 (November 9), Deconstructing Proactive C-L Psychiatry: Exploring the elements of change.

This session is for the attendee whose practice setting does not have the resources, personnel, or institutional buy-in needed to launch a full Proactive C-L Psychiatry service. 

In this interactive workshop, we’ll be approaching Proactive C-L Psychiatry implementation in a modular fashion with the goal that attendees leave with practical tips on what aspects might be feasible in their setting and how to demonstrate the value of these interventions.

We are also delighted that members of our SIG will have an opportunity to present on Proactive C-L Psychiatry to an international audience, the World Congress of the International College of Psychosomatic Medicine (September 7-9, 2022) in Rochester, NY. Presenters of Proactive Integrated Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry: Applying the Biopsychosocial Model to C-L Psychiatry will explore how the elements of Proactive C-L Psychiatry map onto the biological, psychological, and social aspects of care.

We also want to congratulate those who presented on Social Factors in Proactive Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry at the APA Annual Meeting in New Orleans for being featured in a Psychiatric News alert. 

For updated resources on Proactive C-L Psychiatry, check out our SIG website. If you’re looking for something that’s not there, please let us know! As always, we invite you to join our SIG for access to the listserv and to receive updates on news and opportunities for collaboration.

Visit the Proactive C-L Psychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.

Psychological Considerations
Chairs: Craig Lichtman, MD, MBA, FACLP; Xavier Jimenez, MD, MA, FACLP; Janeta Tansey, MD, PhD, FAPA

The SIG has been evolving since 2006, bringing together like-minded C-L psychiatrists to promote psychological aspects of patient care. All psychological perspectives and psychotherapeutic approaches are welcome, including but not limited to cognitive, psychodynamic, motivational interviewing, humanistic, interpersonal, existential, positive-psychology, mindfulness, and somatic.

This year, Janeta Tansey, MD, PhD, FAPA, has joined us as a co-chair. Specializing in physician care and ethics/professionalism, she has a PhD in Religious Studies, scholarship in the dialogic ethics of Buber and Levinas, and interests in existential therapies, depth psychology, and mind-body medicine. A Clinician Diplomate in Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, she recently presented ‘Woke’ to Dasein: A Psychiatrist’s Short Musings on Epistemic Humility (Daseinanalysis International conference, November 2021), and Maieutics in Logotherapy (INPM conference, July 2021). 

The following sessions were presented at the 2022 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Psychodynamic Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis titled, Ways to Replenish a Passion for Medicine with Psychodynamic Psychiatry and Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry:

  • Xavier Jimenez, MD, MA, FACLP: The Hospital as Our Patient: Macro-dynamics and the Liaison Role
  • Craig Lichtman, MD MBA, FACLP: Functional Neurological Disorders: A Psychodynamic Approach and Case Discussion: The challenges of trying to do psychodynamic psychotherapy in an outpatient, private, office practice of C-L and not get lost in a ‘Tower of Babel’.

If you would like to join in discussions of the future of our SIG, or collaborate on future presentations, please join. You may also contact Craig Lichtman directly with questions.

Visit the Psychological Considerations SIG page on the Academy website here.


Quality & Safety
Chair: David Kroll, MD

The SIG has been writing a white paper mapping out a proposed strategy for how the ACLP can more effectively lead efforts to measure quality in C-L Psychiatry. C-L psychiatrists—and C-L Psychiatry services—need a standardized approach to measuring both clinical performance and operational outcomes that are relevant to hospital systems and can be used to direct investments in C-L Psychiatry resources. We plan to have a draft of this paper completed by the fall, in time for the Annual Meeting.

Chair: Terry Rabinowitz, MD, FACLP

The SIG has a lot of good news to report!

  • Sanjeev Sockalingam, MD, FACLP, and several colleagues received an award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research for their project Telephone-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Post-Operative Bariatric Surgery Patient to Manage COVID-19 Pandemic Related Mental Health and Distress (TELE-BARICARE): A Randomized Controlled Trial to Determine Effectiveness and Adaptation for Marginalized Populations. See further detail here.
  • Sharon Batista, MD, FACLP, has been chosen as a Doximity Telehealth Fellow. This is a multispecialty group of physicians interested in technology, telehealth, and innovation.
  • Michael Blumenfield, MD, FACLP, has published a new book, Shrinktalk, that reviews his many years as a psychiatrist (much of it as a C-L psychiatrist). It includes his interaction with two US presidents, his experience during 9/11, and a lot more.
  • Led by Paulo Sales, MD, MS, we (Dr.Batista, Gabrielle Marzani, MD, Terry Rabinowitz, MD, FACLP) recently submitted a proposal, Telepsychiatry that Google Cannot Teach: How to Tailor Telehealth Services for People Living with HIV for presentation at the 2022 APA Mental Health Services conference.
  • Dr. Rabinowitz has been appointed as a Member to the APA Committee on Telepsychiatry.
  • Hsiang Huang, MD, MPH, reports three recent telepsychiatry-related publications: 
    • Adams, Thomas C. E. MD; Lim, Christopher T. MD; Huang, Hsiang MD, MPH, The Practice of Psychiatric E-Consultation: Current State and Future Directions, Harvard Review of Psychiatry: 5/6 2022 – Volume 30 – Issue 3 – p191-197. doi:10.1097/HRP.0000000000000338
    • Joseph, R.C., Lim, C.T., Huang, H., & Lacasse, J.J. (2022). Expanding Access to Psychiatric Care: Implementation of Psychiatric e-Consultation and Tele-consultation for Primary Care in a Safety-net Health System. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 33(2), 767-778. doi:10.1353/hpu.2022.0062.
    • Lim CT, Rosenfeld LC, Nissen NJ, Wang PS, Patel NC, Powers BW, Huang H. Remote Care Management for Older Adult Populations With Elevated Prevalence of Depression or Anxiety and Comorbid Chronic Medical Illness: A Systematic Review. J Acad Consult Liaison Psychiatry. 2022 May-Jun; 63(3):198-212. doi: 10.1016/j.jaclp.2022.02.005. Epub 2022 Feb 19. PMID: 35189427.
  • An identified area of inquiry for the SIG is a better understanding of C-L Telepsychiatry when provided across cultures (i.e., when patient and provider are from different cultures) and how the quality of the telepsychiatry experience may be affected by these diversities. 

Visit the Telepsychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.

Transplant Psychiatry
Chairs: Paula Zimbrean, MD, FACLP; Yelizaveta Sher, MD, FACLP

The SIG will:

  • Contribute to the C-L Psychiatry Updates course at CLP 2022.
  • Provide a transplant psychiatry advanced Skills course at the Annual Meeting (if accepted).
  • Continue the submission/approval process for the ACLP guidelines on depression in solid organ recipients.
  • Publish a paper on cannabis use in transplantation written jointly with the Addiction & Toxicology Psychiatry SIG.
  • Complete a peer-reviewed educational ‘to do’ paper on the evaluation of organ donors and make it available on the website.

Visit the Transplant Psychiatry SIG page on the Academy website here.

Women’s Health
Chairs: Nancy Byatt, DO, FACLP; Priya Gopalan, MD, FACLP

The SIG has remained active in 2022 and remains committed to the dissemination of work related to reproductive psychiatry and women’s health. The membership of the group is diverse and spans the globe. 

The SIG met virtually earlier this year to discuss collaborations for ACLP 2022’s Annual Meeting abstract submissions; of these two SIG-sponsored submissions were accepted. Additional work related to reproductive psychiatry was accepted including workshops and posters/oral papers by SIG members.  

We welcome Deepika Sundarajan, MD, to the SIG as an early career co-chair. 

SIG members have collaborated on academic projects including two papers related to trauma-informed care. One of these, Trauma Informed Care in the Obstetric Setting and Role of Perinatal Psychiatrist: A Comprehensive Review of the Literature, was recently published in the Journal of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry. 

Many members of the SIG have been participating in a women’s mental health curriculum that was successfully implemented this year jointly by women’s health fellowships and C-L Psychiatry fellowships across the country, highlighting a key inter-organizational collaboration. These inter-institutional partnerships have led to a network of faculty and trainees who are eager to collaborate on projects moving forward. 

The SIG has an established listerv for communication throughout the year. We value discussions around academic collaborations, case discussions, and diversity, equity and inclusion. The SIG will continue to provide opportunities to network and collaborate on projects. Please be in touch if you wish to be included in our listserv.  

Visit the Women’s Health SIG page on the Academy website here.


Want to join an Academy SIG? For instructions, visit


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